T.N.T-Tuesday Thought

T.N.T-Tuesday Night Thought 1-12-2021!

Thinking, maybe over thinking……..

I want to talk about how irritated it is when someone constantly tells me that they are sorry for something that they do repeatedly. I do not get it at all. Does anybody else get annoyed with this. I mean why say you are sorry when you really are not. It is not hard to be upfront and real with a person, instead of lying and saying you are sorry for it. That irritates me like seriously do not tell me you are sorry, and you do not mean it or just telling me that to send me off. Or don’t keep repeating the same messed up behaviors and saying sorry for it time and time again. If you have to constantly lie to me then please choose to move on and not be around me, not too much to ask for. Ugh okay just thinking out loud tonight, some people are so insensitive. Am I the only one? Thank you for reading.

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