No writing today it has been rough and more bad news but didn’t want to post something negative so maybe something uplifting. Pray and Hope for the best is all I can do. Have a goodnight people and blessings.

Hope and Faith. Love and Life. Believe!


Thank You.

5 thoughts on “Hope

  1. There is one other thing you can sometimes do: See if you can understand the situation better and find new tools to deal with it based on that understanding.

    Long ago I was going with a girl, and one night while we were in bed she kicked me. I don’t know why. It could have been some automatic reaction because she wasn’t quite awake. I have no idea. But I reacted very poorly to this and it ended up in our never seeing each other again. Since then I have learned that I could have handled this event in other ways that might have improved understanding between us instead of leading to a break-up.


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