Whew. These last couple days….


Have you ever felt like you wanted to take someone’s pain away? You wish you can do more for them? That is my feelings lately. at the moment I feel helpless and I can not make the situation better. There is nothing I can do and speechless. I am praying that it gets better. I do not like feeling this way, I am not in control. Besides feeling helpless I feel lost and confused also do not know what to do. I haven’t’ really been eating or sleeping the last couple days just be up pacing and thinking since I got bad news. Heart is heavy and I have vent about it. It is too much going on right now. Praying and more praying, having faith. Lord give me strength and heal my family. My thoughts, my feelings letting it out. I thank you for reading.

Whew. Woww. BREATHE

5 thoughts on “Whew. These last couple days….

  1. This sounds really rough. I can understand you not wanting to share details here, but you might try working it out in more detail for yourself.

    When I had a huge upset with someone who I had become close to, I wrote a short story about it using different names and adding some imaginary events and I got her to read it. That really helped me tell her what was going on with me. More importantly, the situation wasn’t stuck in my head any more.

    I hope you can find a way to calm down; you do need to sleep and eat. But I don’t sleep worth crap and haven’t for 40 years, so sometimes things come into your life through the spiritual pathways and there is no way to “think it out.” I am still hoping for a resolution through spiritual work, and so I realize you may not find total resolution, either. But I know that communication helps.


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