This is so true but very hard to do. Anyone else?

and being very overwhelmed by it. Annoying

Are you someone who smiles through it all even though you are so stressed out with everything around you. You feel like it is too much to handle. Not going to lie I AM. Ugh again ANNOYING


Being overwhelmed feels like ton of pressure (well to me) on you. And I get crazy anxiety so I really be feeling all types of ways. Man it freaking sucks. But we got this. Right?

Yeah we do.


Just a lot of thinking this Early Morning..... I feel overwhelmed now and should go to bed. Wanted to share some quotes and how I feel about being overwhelmed. Thank you!!!

Published by Ray'Elaine

I am a author I love to write/blog and be myself. I have so many great ideas can't wait to share!

One thought on “Overwhelmed😫

  1. I think people I know do this, and I don’t realize they are.

    But one can learn to get stronger and reduce that feeling of overwhelm. I think this is important for the Highly Sensitive Person who tends to overwhelm easily.

    One can learn to spot if someone in your environment is trying on purpose to shut you down, then decide to tune out from that person.

    One can go out and take a walk instead of retreating into bed and thereby recover one’s sense of space and causation.


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