Battle with myself

Battle with myself!

I look in the mirror and there are times where I do not like who is starring back

Telling myself to face my fears, be strong

I am battling myself it is tough battle trying to keep control of what is going on around me

I feel like I am losing. The doubting myself, feeling ashamed, I am feeling unworthy

I am battling myself through it all the good, the bad, and most definitely the ugly and the worst

I am my own worst enemy hard on me

Sometimes I like who and what I see and times I do not

I say to myself to suck it up it is life

Battling myself trying to keep from crying

Trying hard to fix my crown

Daily struggles sometimes hold me back

Battling myself this woman is hard to deal with

Tough and strong I say back to the mirror you got this, keep going, stop being in your own way

Battling myself I say take a breather and get back to it

Battling myself it is me versus me

A battle I will come out on top of

Me battling myself through it all enough is enough

Me battling myself it is time I choose I as I stare back in the mirror with a smile

I chose I in this battle with myself!

8 thoughts on “Battle with myself

  1. These are the accumulated confusions from lifetimes of winning battles we hoped to lose and losing battles we hoped to win. Of forgetting which part we had chosen to play, or realizing that we had emotional investments in both sides of the game.

    There is a kind of strength that can come from understanding that you have conflicting interests in the games you play. You can learn to rise above those games, realize that you created them for your own amusement, and “sit back” to watch the play, fascinated, wondering which side will win this time.

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  2. Very deep and beautiful poem!!!

    Whether this poem is inspired by your own battles or someone your observing, its about taking one step at a time. Working through each moment and what your feeling. I always believe in when struggling with a battle or a crisis take deep breaths, pray ,connect spiritually or even write positive affirmations. You will get through it!

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