Just sitting here thinking like always lol and I am thinking about being alone lol. Yeah seriously. Lately it had been rough, and I think I need to get away and be by myself, maybe a week or two. It has been stressful at work and I have been getting terribly upset by it. Personal life as well is stressful now just need a little break. I know I am not the only one. You just want to tell people to leave you alone and let you be. I know that will not happen soon just wishful thinking. Sometimes I want to turn my phone off and just sleep, but I have stuff to do and I have a family to take care of, I am always busy busy busy, and my mind and body feels it. A spa day, some wine, a vacation somewhere nice would be great. A place that is quiet and relaxing and I can breathe easy and ease my mind will also be great.

Alone with me is what I want. Okay I am just venting here for a while sorry. I know we all have those days and if you are I am praying for you . I am about to write, get some chapters finished and relax I thank you for reading and enjoy your evening.

Thank you!

9 thoughts on “Alone

  1. Oh the irony of it! I know more than one woman, all involved with family and so forth, who would just like to be by themselves for a while!

    And here I am, all involved in very close to absolutely nothing, asking for ANYONE to spend some time with me!

    I even invited my favorite friend to come over and hang out at my place, promising I would leave her alone while I went about my business, and she demured, “I want to be alone!”

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  2. Staycation… As cliche as it sounds, they work. Keeps you close JIC. However, if done right, you can enjoy your town/city and explore a place you never been.

    If you can’t really turn your phone of… Then silence it and set notifications for emergency, back to back calls will go through. Maybe 3-4 hours, good for a nap or said alone time. Carpe Diem 😁

    The little things count for yourself just as much as they do for others.

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