Have you ever felt unhappy, filled with rage? You just want those who hurt you to hurt also.  You want them to suffer and feel all the pain you feel plus more. Past pain, relationships, anybody. Sometimes I think of revenge, wanting to inflict torture and pain, to see them squirm, see them feel helpless, powerless, weak, lost, and scared. I want them to feel it all. That is how I am feeling at the moment I know some people can relate and some can’t **Shrugs**. Payback.

It is crazy how they are out living there lives, they suffered no consequences, out and free. And me I feel I am still trapped in that time in that pain. Replaying the shit that was done and it still feels like no time has passed. Crazy world I feel this way and must deal with it every day. Yes, I have been trying to forget it all it is hard some days are way harder than other days. I feel this way towards anyone who brought harm my way no matter who it was or is. I want them to feel what I feel sometimes. Venting like I do and sitting and thinking why they got away with it and why am I still suffering.

Am I the only one who feels this way towards a person or towards people who hurt you? Want to get pass it. And no, I do not understand it at all. Still hurting, forever hurting.

My thoughts tonight people. Hope you have a great one. Please feel free to like, comment, and share. Thank you for reading.

Love This song by Saint Bodhi named hurt like me wanted to share the video. Match the mood I am in tonight Again thank you for reading. Again just my thoughts for the night!

Saint Bodhi – Hurt Like Me (Official Video) – YouTube

5 thoughts on “Hurting

  1. Yes, to all that you’ve said, but when I realized how much time I wasted reliving my pain, and wanting those who hurt me to suffer, I understood I missing out on living my best life.

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