Mask/Different Face

 Have you ever met a person or met people who act different depending on who they are around? Or you feel they are holding back? Not really all there. Some tend to do it to hide themselves and please others, some do it and hide to protect themselves, and those who do it to hide bad intentions. I don’t think that every person to who do is a bad person. Some. Some people like to be what others want them to be, so a mask is on pretending. When you really don’t want to but don’t feel you have a voice, so you keep that mask on. There are people who do it that do not want people to notice what they go through or what they face. I can say that I have been a person who wear a mask, I put on a smile and act like everything is okay but deep down inside there is a lot of hurt, sadness and pain. I have a wall up and do not want people to know how I am really feeling so I put a smile and I am cool, then I get away trying to avoid everybody. I do not easily connect with people again my wall is up, and I am guarded. Not saying that is a good thing because it still a mask on.

I know that there are some who have that mask on to hide their bad intentions they act and talk like they are perfect, very manipulative, they are monsters deep inside and like it or not there are some people in this world like that. Yes, there are different mask people wear, you must trust your judgement that they are a good person and in your life for a good reason. The world is filled with people who wear mask. Try to be your true self and trust that things will workout for the better. Trust I know, I am slowly letting my guard down and trying to trust. Finding the real me. Do you all know where I am coming from? Have you been there? Are you a people pleaser?

Just my thoughts tonight. Wearing a mask weather good or bad. What do you do????

Thank you for reading.


2 thoughts on “Mask!

  1. I think everyone wears a mask at some point in their lives, I know I have definitely hidden myself for different reasons , mostly fear. But as I have grown older I find myself hiding less and embracing myself more.
    Letting your guard down isn’t easy, but when you are around the right people it is absolutely worth it.

    Love and light ❤


  2. It is OK to “put on a good face” in a situation where some control is needed and you seem to be the only one that realizes it.

    The big question to ask is whether the mask is there to be helpful or deceitful. You don’t expect the person at the cash register to act exactly the way they might be feeling right now, or try to unload their life story on you. But you don’t expect the car salesman to tell you that car is fine when it really needs $5,000 worth of repairs!

    Everyone needs at least someone who they can take the “mask” off with and just be real. But in public life, we all have a “mask” to wear, or what I would prefer to call a “hat.” To wear your hat well is a sign of professionalism, not deceit.

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