I am Healing!

Healing takes time, you must take it one step at a time. Give yourself love and forgiveness and time to reflect on your life. It will not happen overnight be patient and you will become better. I am in this process and I know it takes time. I have been single for 4 years and it seems I am still hurt by what happened during the relationship and after. There is still resentment built up on both of our parts. I want to just get over it. And I will, I will heal and be better. I deserve happiness and I know the next person I get in a relationship do not deserve a person who has not healed and still lives in the past and have not worked out my issues.

It is truly a process, but I am willing to go through it and get better with how I deal with things and my actions towards them. I want to be healthy for myself and love me fully. Hopefully down the road I will meet that special someone, until them I am still healing, improving, strong, and of course I will never give up on myself or love. Any advice on healing or trying to move on?

Love, Peace, Happiness, and Blessings!

Thank You For Reading.

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