Writing and Editing!

Writing and Editing Night!!

Hello, my fellow writers/bloggers how is it going tonight? Me?

My night consists of editing as well as writing. I have been working on this book for almost 9 months and I still do not have a title for my book but still letting the pen flow. The editing part was giving me a headache, but I like to always go back to some chapters to make changes and to make sure the story flows together. After a 2-hour edit session (times fly when you are busy working) I feel good about what I have so far. Take a little break maybe a joint and some wine lol then it is back to writing. I am also working on character development so it is a busy night, but I do not mind it.

After all, writing is my passion and I love it when ideas and writing come together for me. Enjoying this night. Happy writing! Blessings!

Thank you for reading.

5 thoughts on “Writing and Editing!

  1. Reblogged this on Just Write and commented:

    Hello, all this is what I am on tonight. Writing and editing so wanted to reshare this.
    Hope all is okay! Happy writing
    Love, and Blessings all. Have a goodnight. 🖤💙🖤


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