Would you rather? #1

Hello everyone

Tonight, I want to have a would you rather post/discussion. I would list some would you rather questions and give my input/answers to them. Feel free to answer one or all if you like. I would love to hear your thoughts and answers. Nothing too hard and they are random questions.

Here we go!!!!

  1. Would you rather be able to travel everywhere for free OR eat everywhere for free?

. I would rather travel everywhere for free. I would love to visit different countries for free and explore all that I can at any time. I think I would travel maybe once or twice a month or a month to each place I visit. It would be cool to learn about diverse cultures and meet new people and more.

2. Would you rather find the love of your life OR find your passion?

. This one here is kind of a toss-up, but of course, I would rather find my passion. Finding something I absolutely love, and it brings me peace is what I would rather have. Something that speaks to me, and I am willing to put and the work and take the steps to find what is for me. My passion, hopes, and dreams. I feel like that is more important (my opinion). Find my passion and reach for the stars.

3. Would you rather live in a world where you dance instead of walk OR sing instead of talk?

. I would rather live in a world where I dance instead of walk. I love to dance so this is an easy one for me. I dance while cooking, cleaning, eating, and sitting, in the show, I just dance. So, I would be okay with dancing instead of walking. I cannot sing for anything, sound like a fucking broken record lol, singing is not for me. I would rather dance my ass off. LOL

4. Would you rather drink milk out of a crusty old man’s belly button every day for a month OR let a crusty old man drink milk out of your belly every day for a year?

. I would rather have a crusty old man drink milk out of my belly button for a year. Yeah, might sound kinky but that is okay lol. I do not think I can drink milk out of his belly. SoHo yea. This one is fun and funny. LOL.

So, everyone what would you rather do? Enjoy!

Have a good one.

Thank you for visiting and reading.

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