Saturday Night!

My thoughts, My Saturday night. Writing!

Hello, this Saturday night is going quite well. Of course, I am writing and have gotten so much done. I love when I can sit and concentrate on my writing. Just letting the pen flow. I just started working on chapters in my 2nd book and it is coming along great. I have been working on the short stories book and the 1st one I started and forgot about the 2nd one but tonight the ideas are coming, and I am just writing and chilling. The hard part is a title for the book, yes, it is true no title yet, but I am thinking of some and writing them down. hopefully soon I will have one picked out.

Wondering I if I should start an outline for it do not know yet. I am doing mystery and urban and I think it will turn out great. I might share some parts from some of the book. Stay tuned. How is your night going? Hope all is well. As always thank you for reading. Have a great night. Remember to love yourself always. #JustWrite

Thank you.

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