Night Kisses

Night Kisses

Making me blush

Night kisses

Keeping me up

Night kisses

No dream

Love when these

Kisses are all over me

Or wet dream

A fantasy

Night kisses

I want to last

Soak it up


Night kisses

Showers me

In love and

Feeling it

Night kisses

The forecast

Wet, steamy

Blushing, screaming

No stopping



Night kisses



Thank you for reading.

1 thought on “Night Kisses

  1. nothing lasts forever
    night is sleep
    no time to remember
    june nor december
    the peace none which is in the least
    i m not you
    in any sense
    not sad nor bad
    that is variety
    and the openess
    to say
    hey ok
    so now


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