Never lower yourself for a person who shows and or tell you that they do not care for or love you

Never stay stuck in an unpleasant situation if it’s bad leave (Easier said than done)

I know, try to get out of it no matter what

Never say yes when deep down inside and in your mind, you want and need to say no

Never lower yourself/expectations based on what others think or what other want

Never pretend to be someone else.

Never change yourself for someone. You are enough the way you are

Never worry about what they say worry about you

Never give up on yourself know that you are loved

Know that you are worthy, you got it

Never give them the satisfaction of seeing you down and out

Chin up move forward

Chin up be STRONG

Never be Un-YOU

I say never to many things. I have been there before a dark place. Loving and giving my all to a person who showed me they didn’t give a damn about me and what I was going through and at that time in my life it was too much going on. A person showed me their true self and it took a while to realize and understand it all. Was just giving and giving and I was only receiving heartache from family and friends smh. It was not good. I say never again


Have a good one. Love, Peace, Happiness, and Blessings all

Thank you for reading.

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