Just Ray’Elaine

Lately I have been off and trying to get back to me and be happy. Trying to get these books done and have other projects in the works.

Strength is needed!!! Sometimes I need to slow down.

I want to start a new business where I will be a ghostwriter. Still have to get that started. Also want to design book covers for authors. I have been doing some practice with book designs and flyers it is something I love to do. Just wishing it turns out good for me. That is definitely in the works.

Constant new ideas coming, and I let my mind and pen flow with it. That is just Ray’Elaine. Just Write and be you!

Yes, there is more to come!!!

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.

***Such a random post lol*** More of me and book links below!!!

Me being goofy!!!😂😂

Ray’Elaine’s book links:

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