T.O.L.-Time Travel

Just sitting here thinking and I wish I can time travel. Just get in the machine and take off to an earlier time. Even if it is just for a day. Go back to a time when I was carefree, no worries, no stress, weights of the world on me. Have you ever had that feeling? Going back to a peaceful time in your life and just escape for a moment. Or maybe to go back to see or hang out with a lost loved one or just to change some shit about your life, have a do-over.

That is my feelings tonight. Right now, my brain is full of memories the happy ones, and wishing I can just revisit those times. Wishful thinking huh? Well, that’s all it is, is me thinking about the impossible shit. Sometimes my mind goes there lol. Am I the only one?

My night writing and too much thinking.

Thinking out loud….If I could time travel, teleport. LOL yeah, I am in my own awkward, weird world.

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

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