Caution! (Her)

Caution! (Her)

I say caution, please proceed with caution.

She is still trying to find herself.


Loving her will not be easy, it will not happen overnight.


Be gentle with her, her heart is fragile.


Her heart has been misguided.

Caution, please proceed with caution.

She does not know what real love is.

Caution, please proceed with caution when getting to know her.


Be aware, be alert when loving her.

I say caution please proceed with caution!

Thank you for reading.

#Love #Poetry #JustWrite


4 thoughts on “Caution! (Her)

  1. a man is a man
    can should
    leave her be
    and see
    no matter the attraction or mystery
    it is always a no go
    shit show
    so never
    ever talk
    about nothing
    cos honey
    you and i are on the bad dark side of the moon
    and all too soon
    we will be dead and gone
    ray boom
    and just john
    ha h a ha ha


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