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Do you have something in life, or it could be a someone in life that you yearn for, that you are longing for? It can also be a place you want to be in. There can be plenty of things a person yearns for/over. Yearning for something means that you want something badly, feeling like you have to have it no matter what,  and sometimes it is what can consume you (My Opinion). You know that it could be something that is good for you, can help you, or it is something that is no good for you or not needed in your life. But oh, don’t you want it badly or maybe you do feel like it is needed for you. You want these things no matter what.

Of course, this something that you are yearning for constantly stay on your mind. Just circling around being a pest. Questioning yourself about it. Asking should I or should I not? You tell yourself “I want it, I yearn for it”.  You then overthink it; you think of all the pros and cons that you can. Think of ways around it or how to fully seek out what you want. Yearning and thinking.

Have you felt like you yearend for something in life? Was it a good or bad experienced or thing? How did you deal with it?

I have been through that before. Twice one was my dreams. The second thing is I was yearning for someone. and honestly it was not good for me. It was one sided and left me feeling like a fool. I felt like I was yearning for this person and for a couple of years that person was always on my mind and I was thinking we could have had a future together. The feelings were not mutual. And yes it took a while to get over it because I wanted the person so bad, and did not fully pay attention to the things that I should have. It was a live and learn situation. Even though I was hurt for months I had to get over it. I was yearning for the wrong thing at that time, I guess.

Why is it that we do that? Why is it  sometimes we want things that are not needed or want people who are bad to be in our life’s? Not everyone of course I know it can be a naturally thing to really want something (My Opinion) but I know there are people out there who go to the extremes to go after what they yearn for. Some call it being dedicated to what they want, or some call it going after your passion.

What do you think about this word? Been there before? Care to share?

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.


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