Imagine living in a perfect world

Where everything is right and great


Being able to move around freely


Having everything you want


Being surrounded by your loved ones that passed on


Life being vivid and beautiful

With no worries, no lost, no hurts


Life as fantasy


Real friendships, real love


Life as great and you being the best you

Sometimes we sit back and imagine how things would be if things went how we wanted, or if things didn’t happen in life, and decisions we made that were not good. We imagine how life would be if that person we loved so much and miss everyday was still here. Imagining how life would be if this was a perfect world. Sometimes imagination keeps us from the real, from reality. Our minds goes back and forth with what is and what could have been and we imagine the impossible, imagine living in a world fear free. Just sitting and thinking as I imagine all things.


Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.


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