Ms. Misunderstood

Alas, my words fall on deaf ears

My thoughts ignored, my hopes in tears

Misunderstood, overlooked, unseen

I stand alone, a forgotten dream.

I pour my heart out on the page

But still, they do not understand my rage.

My passion for life, my desire to be known

Lost in a sea of indifference, I am alone.

Oh, to be heard, to be seen, to be understood

But instead, I am left in solitude.

My voice echoes in an empty room

A silent plea for understanding, an ineffective doom.

So, I write on, despite the pain

Hoping one day, my words will not be in vain

Until then, I remain misunderstood

A poet lost in a world that does not see the good.

She is

Ms. Misunderstood!

Thankk you for reading.

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