Mad at life, mad at the world, mad

The anger within me makes me feel so bad

Why does everything have to be so hard?

Why can’t life just give me a break, a card?

I’m tired of struggling, tired of the pain,

I want to scream, to shout, to break the chains

But instead, I bottle it up, keep it inside

And let the anger fester, grow, and hide.

I know I shouldn’t be so mad at life

But sometimes it feels like an endless strife

I try to find hope, to see the light

But it’s hard to do when everything feels like a fight.

So, I’ll keep on going, keep on trying

And maybe one day, I’ll stop my crying

Until then, I’ll be mad at life, mad at the world, mad

And hope that someday, things won’t be so bad.


***A Poem***

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.


1 thought on “Mad….

  1. jim nailed it
    eyes that lie
    lips that scream
    little is what it may seem
    jim knew too
    he had a wife
    and a messican sweetie pie
    know not why
    dig it well
    do tell
    honey lamb
    the queen of you aint
    my space jam


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