White Rose!

In a garden of colors, pure and bright

Stands a white rose, a symbol of light

Its petals, soft and delicate as snow

Convey a message, a meaning to know.

The white rose, a symbol of purity

Represents innocence and sincerity

It speaks of love that is pure and true

And of a heart that is steadfast and new.

In times of peace, the white rose blooms

A sign of hope that the world resumes

But in times of war, it speaks of peace

A plea for love and violence to cease.

In weddings, it represents a new start

A promise of love, a pledge of the heart

And in funerals, it offers solace and calm

A reminder of love that lives on.

The white rose, a symbol of grace

Speaks to the heart, in any place

May it inspire us to love and be kind

And bring peace and hope to all mankind

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

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