At Ease!

When he came along

At a time of chaos, and fear

Me in a lost and depressed state

He came along and

Put me

At ease

Just hearing his voice

The sincereness in him

The kindness in his words

Letting me know that all will be okay

He puts me at ease

Understanding me and being patient with me

Thinking is it real?

Does he really exist

Am I tripping? Maybe. Maybe not

Constantly on my mind

The good and bad

But damn, like dammmnn

The thought of him

Has my mind at ease


A friendship like no other

Turns into something much better

A bond

A vibe

True feelings, the lust and the love

Its everything about him

Puts me at ease

No easy love here

Willing to grow, we build

Looking to see what the future brings with us

Guard coming down

With that being said

At this moment

I am at ease

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.

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