Guilty Pleasure!

When you hear guilty pleasure what comes to your mind? Is it T.V shows, movies, video games, shopping, music, food, a drink or four, alone time (sleep), or a person. Having a Guilty pleasure means that you have to have something that is restricted, and might be labeled as bad for you, but of course you don’t care. You want what you want right?

I have some guilty pleasures from the list above. The first one would be alone time, or extra sleep. I like to be alone in my own word chilling. Sometimes in my bed with a good book just relaxing. Which sometimes is hard to do with kids(Sometimes I sneak away in a quiet place of the house to get away, LOL).

The second is T.V. shows and movies I like to indulge in action packed shows and sometimes ones that is filled with drama. Shows that keeps me on edge.

Third is food. I am a foodie, love, love, love food. When it comes to food, I say it is a guilty pleasure when you are eating something sweet, fatty, moist, and juicy, fried and ohhh so delicious.

My favorites are Philly-Steak and Cheese over some nice and crispy fries, with pepper jack and cheddar cheese smothered over it all (Mmmm so good). I love fries especially with cheese sauces. Or a jalapeno bacon cheeseburger between two glazed doughnuts, which I have a taste for right now but tonight just a bacon cheeseburger and fries would do. And another one for me is all the banana split topping over cinnamon French toast, extra ice cream!

Whew now I’m hungry LOL. Time to make dinner…..

Those are my guilty pleasures.

So, my blog peeps, do you have any guilty pleasures? Are you a foodie? Do you like things that are no good for you? Your thoughts!

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.


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