I Admit!

I Admit that I am a person who is so stuck in my ways

I Admit that my attitude is not the best, I rage from time to time (SIGH)

I Admit that I can be a little hard to deal with and sometimes need reassurance that I’m still wanted and loved

I Admit that I have a tough time letting go

I Admit that it is hard to let my guard down and for me to fully be open

I Admit that I am afraid to love, to be vulnerable with someone

I Admit that it will be hard to not be in control all the time, when I feel the need to want to control everything

I Admit that I can be toxic in a way when I shut down and shut off from the world. I do not want to be bothered with anything or anybody. I really would not talk to anyone for days. I feel its toxic because I should just address shit instead of running a away and shutting down my emotions (BIG TRUTH)

I Admit that I have major trust issues and sometimes I just don’t believe what a person says sometimes

I Admit that it would be hard to let a man come into my life and take lead, also ADMIT this is something I will definitely work on

I Admit that when I do love someone, I LOVE HARD and care way too much

I Admit that when I find REAL LOVE I would be willing to make changes that I need to make for that right one

I Admit that I do not have all my shit together

I Admit that I feel like grief has taking over my life

I Admit that I get lost in my head, replaying a lot from the past

I Admit I am trying and a work in progress, I am healing and indeed working on me

I Admit that I am willing to change things that serve no good in my life

I Admit guilt to things I cannot change

I Admit I am always me

I Admit my truths here and now, BARE it ALL

My truths are here, LAID OUT

How about you???? What do you ADMIT?


Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.

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