Loving The Wrong Person

Hello my blog peeps!

Have you been in a situation where you felt it was all bad, so negative? Have you loved the wrong person before?

Loving the wrong person and being in love by yourself is disturbing and not good at all. Even when you see the signs and know that you should walk away, you love so hard, give your all and the other person does not care at all. But here you are still trying. Loving the wrong person will hurt you to your core. Being everything to them while hurting yourself, along with your mental and rational thinking out the door. It will have you questioning yourself all the time. Wondering if you are good enough. But of course, when you love someone, you will try your hardest to make it work and go the distance. You feel like you shouldn’t give up on them. Loving the wrong person can take away your smile, maybe lower your self-esteem, loving the wrong person can take a lot of you. You might feel like you will never love again. You are scared that it will happen again.

I feel I can speak on this subject somewhat, because I have been there, and was left feeling lost and hurt. I was in so much pain because I thought it was forever with this person (Silly Me). A reason why I am so guarded now. That feeling of being scared to fall in love again. I was loving the wrong damn person and it had cost me. Yes, I am still healing from it and learning to deal with the issues and be okay no matter what. Loving the wrong person is so damn draining. Please people pay attention to those red flags that arrive, do not ignore them. Always talk about it to get an understanding. Loving the wrong person made me more aware, cautions and guarded and distant. Though with all of that I do wish to love again and find someone special. Where I am for them, and they are for me.

Feel free to use this as a writing prompt if you like? What do you think of this topic?

Just thinking! Maybe Venting!

Have been there before? How did you deal with it?

Have a good one!

Blessings and Love! 🖤🤎💙💛💗💚🧡💜🤍❤

Thank you for reading.

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