Welcome To Just Write!

Welcome to Just Write!
Just Write. This site will have my blog posts, I talk about many topics about any and everything like to get my thoughts out there. There is also a craft page I have with crafts and craft ideas. This is also a site to share your thoughts and feelings so please feel free to do so. I love feedback Hope you Enjoy! Thanks

Caution (Her) II

Caution (Her) II Caution please Grown woman here no time for games Caution this woman is a force when she gets started A raging maniac, crazy, BE careful Caution please do not hurt me, my feelings, my family Grown woman here I know what I needContinue reading “Caution (Her) II”


Storms… There will be bad days, there will be good days there will be days where its up and down. I know it will be a process and I will not feel better overnight. This process, this storm I am in will not last long. StrongContinue reading “Storms!”


FLOW! F- Following my own lead, following my visions, my dreams, feeling powerful, facing myself L- Learning and growing, letting go of the past, listen to my voice more often, loving myself O- Observe everything around me, open my mind, my heart, open to new andContinue reading “FLOW”


Strong I am strong it is all in my walk I am strong it is all in my talk I am strong head held high I am strong and confident I am strong during the good I am strong during the bad I am strong: Self-assured,Continue reading “Strong”

The Butterfly!

The Butterfly The butterfly is one of the most beautiful animals/insects that is one of my favorites. I love butterflies because it represents life. The transitions you make in life can be compared to the stage of life of the butterfly (my opinion). Been in loveContinue reading “The Butterfly!”

Let’s #JustWrite!

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4 thoughts on “Welcome To Just Write!

  1. This is different! At first glance I like what you are trying to do. Keep making it happen! Communication can lead to understanding! And don’t we need more of that?

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