Welcome To Just Write!

I talk about many topics about any and everything, and I like to get my thoughts out there. I write poetry and short stories. This blog is a space to be myself. I also have a craft page with crafts and craft ideas. This is also a site to share your thoughts and feelings, so please feel free to do so. Just Write, Be You! I love feedback!

Hope you Enjoy!

Back To Me

Need to get back to me The old happy me Back To Me When me, life was care free Back To Me When I was all smiles Thinking life was beautiful…


Bold and bright, the sky so true Lively hue, ocean’s view Unmatched beauty, a shade so cool Everywhere you look, blue’s the jewel -Blue- 💙💙💙💙 Blessings and Love! Thank you for…

Blue Rose!

A blue rose, so rare and true Symbolizes what is yet to bloom Its hue is like the ocean’s depth Mysterious and full of secrets kept Blue, the color of the…

Ray’Elaine, The Author

I did it, It is Official!!I am so happy right now. I did it, finally published my first book. Me an author it is so amazing. I can’t believe it. Feel…

In Charge

This beauty here has to Be in charge I take charge and lead In charge here I run things Sharp with wit Grit and steady In charge here No testing me…

Happiness Inside

Smiling inside and out Can’t hide Happiness from inside Feeling like somebody Do flips inside my body Right here, right now happy Things falling in place Happiness from inside Making me…


Goals! Hello, Today I want to talk about goals. What do goals mean to you?  When I say goals, I mean all. Short term, long term, love goals, career goals, mental…

Keep It Cool!

Keep It Cool! When days are hectic, too much going on Keep it cool When you are mad, ready to flip out Keep it cool Kids driving you crazy, you really…

Little Miss Perfect (Perfect Me III)

Little Miss Perfect here again Still standing Striving for the best Still reaching Taking on this crazy world Little Miss Perfect Gaining experience In life Cannot make a mistake Manage it…

Just You!

Just want to be held Touched Wanted Loved by You Just want to Be in a Dreamy state With only You Lust or love Just want to hear Your voice Tell…

Understanding it

Understanding It To those who needs these words: Give yourself time to understand and deal with a situation do not give up hope. We often lose hope and some people often…

Rayshaunda Matthews

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5 thoughts on “Welcome To Just Write!

  1. This is different! At first glance I like what you are trying to do. Keep making it happen! Communication can lead to understanding! And don’t we need more of that?

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