Welcome To Just Write!

Welcome to Just Write!

I talk about many topics about any and everything, I like to get my thoughts out there. There is also a craft page I have with crafts and craft ideas. This is also a site to share your thoughts and feelings so please feel free to do so. I love feedback!

Hope you Enjoy! Thanks

Get Away

Get Away! I just want to get away Escape my feelings, my problems, LIFE Just want to get away, be alone, just ME Me, myself, and I Just want to get away From the cruelness of this world The … Continue reading Get Away


Shock….. Been three days and I am still in shock. I feel like I am coming and going. I am lost and hurting right now and I know it will take some time to heal. Such a beautiful person … Continue reading Shocked….

In Life

In Life Life will always try to Make things difficult for you Things happens But every time you overcome obstacles You come out stronger Do not stop believing Do not ever give up You got it, keep going No … Continue reading In Life

Act’s Up!

Act’s Up When the curtains close Your behind closed doors The happiness simmers The smile fades The fame gone The fake love disappears No one around Your quiet You stare and wonder What is it all for? Is it … Continue reading Act’s Up!


Sometimes it is just easy to focus and worry and stress over things. Go into full anxiety mode. Sometimes it is easy to get distracted from the right you are doing. Get sucked into the bad and ugly and … Continue reading Sometimes


Fight Sometimes in life, we have to fight Fight for ourselves, fight for those we love Those we protect Fight for what we want Fight for love, our peace For Justice Fight for happiness Fight tough battels Fight tough … Continue reading Fight…

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4 thoughts on “Welcome To Just Write!

  1. This is different! At first glance I like what you are trying to do. Keep making it happen! Communication can lead to understanding! And don’t we need more of that?

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