Welcome To Just Write!

Welcome to Just Write!

I talk about many topics about any and everything, I like to get my thoughts out there. There is also a craft page I have with crafts and craft ideas. This is also a site to share your thoughts and feelings so please feel free to do so. I love feedback!

Hope you Enjoy!

Thank you


Do you believe in karma? When you think about it what comes to mind? I believe in it. I do believe that the bad that you put out can come back … Continue reading Karma


Tease Such a beauty Everyone loves to stare at A TEN Tease So sensual, so seductive So, loving Tease They want you bad Tease Make them really want it Big tease … Continue reading Tease!


Goals! Hello, Today I want to talk about goals. What do goals mean to you?  When I say goals, I mean all. Short term, long term, love goals, career goals, mental … Continue reading Goals!


Awaken in this Jungle Too much going on Not sure as to what I am seeing Pinching, slapping myself Is this a Dream Maybe reality In this jungle I feel free … Continue reading Jungle

Rayshaunda Matthews

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4 thoughts on “Welcome To Just Write!

  1. This is different! At first glance I like what you are trying to do. Keep making it happen! Communication can lead to understanding! And don’t we need more of that?

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