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T.O.L. Actions

Love is nothing without action Trust is nothing without proof Sorry is nothing without change In life, actions speak louder than words Prove who you are Be trustworthy…

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Time waits for no one. I take the use of my time seriously. I do not like my time wasted; it irritates me. Time is precious and should…

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Just had to take a moment and think of everything that I am grateful for. Though the last few months I have been very busy I am proud…

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Relaxed A good book or a good movie Great wine or great cocktail, Great Food Kids fed, had a bath, Kids are asleep Clean house It is my…

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Control When you think of control what does it mean to you? Control to me is having a say over any and everything. Have to be up close…

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So it’s here Right in front of me The sensation I crave, I need Damn temptation Pacing, heavy breathing I need it. I’ll be okay Right? Damn temptation…

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Strong I am strong it is all in my walk I am strong it is all in my talk I am strong head held high I am strong…

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