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So excited Crafts will be coming soon!!!! Are you into decorating and making crafts. I have some great ideas for holiday crafts. Be on the look out. Thank you.

Gingerbread House

Hay how is your night going? I am in a good mood right now and just sitting and thinking about making gingerbread houses with my family. Right now, I am making a list for everything. Do you guys have any ideas? I want to make it fun and exciting for the kids. I have been…

Turkey Hands

Crafting! #JustWrite today craft idea is Turkey Hands! My mom and my kids did turkey hands and they loved it. I have posted pictures of there project they are so cute. I have posted a link to a site where there are great craft ideas for thanksgiving for kids. Hope you enjoy! Feel free to…

Kids and Crafts!

Happy Thursday! Do you have kids that are glued to their screens? I have two kids who love TV and Computer games, and I am always coming up with ideas to lessen screen time. That is where arts and crafts come in, my mom would tell me sit them down with crayons and paper, did…


#JustWrite! Hello just want to say welcome to #JustWrite!! Hope you enjoy this blog. Feel free to comment and share thanks in advance! -Ray’Elaine

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