I challenge myself daily, pushing myself and family to always to do what is right and be on top of things. Goals are important to me and I ty to accomplish them. I do my best to be a good leader, parent, daughter, sister, and friend. Learning along the way and still challenging the inner me.

I love to out do myself if that makes sense lol try to do things over and better. Challenge the inner me and surviving.

It is a challenge daily. Yes indeed! And I am all for it.

Have a good one.

Thank you for reading.

Positive Day

Positive Day

On this day I will be better than I was yesterday. I feel at peace at the moment, and I want to remain that way throughout the day. Positive thinking, positive mindset. I will not let anyone take me out my character and stoop to their level. I am in control over the way I respond, and act and I will be happy. Put a smile on my face and carry on with the day. Again happy, positive mindset today. I am thankful for this day, have everything I need, I’m writing and enjoying it.

Hope you all have a wonderful day. If you are not, I hope it gets better and I want to tell you to keep your head up and keep pushing through. Pray about it, have faith. Wishing you all the best, Peace, Love, Happiness, and Blessings. Have a good one.

Thank you for reading.

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Just Write and be You!

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It Is Up To You (Life)

It is up to you (Life)

Life is full of challenges

It is up to you to how you face them or handle them

Life is full of choices

It is up to you to make the right ones

Life is full of chances

It is up to you to take them

Life is full of dreams

It is up to you to follow yours

Life is full of life

Your life is in your hands

No one can make your decisions for you

In life

It is up to you!

Thank you for reading.

Friday Night

My Friday night.

Tonight, I feel like I am in the zone after my crafting search and movie night I am writing the rest of the night till I am tired. I have some good ideas that I need to let out. It is best that I get it out on paper. I love when I can concentrate and get some writing goals completed. tonight, goal is to reach chapter 22 hopefully. I am also working on my characters development template to help with the chapters. I know this a short post, but time is ticking and got to get to this writing. What are your plans for the night?

Hope you all are enjoying your night. As always remember to love yourself and those around you.

Have a great one and thanks for reading. Love Peace Happiness and Blessings. #JustWrite

Keep It Cool!

Keep It Cool!

When days are hectic, too much going on

Keep it cool

When you are mad, ready to flip out

Keep it cool

Kids driving you crazy, you really want a break

Keep it cool

Work is stressful, you want to quit

Keep it cool

Keep it cool and try to stay stress free

Relax and pray

Keep it cool!

Thank you for reading.

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Boundaries, like seriously

Boundaries, like seriously

Why is it hard for some people to respect boundaries that are set? Like for real. Be respectful of others and their feelings, is that hard to ask for? They need to understand that people set rules/boundaries for a reason. They are there to protect oneself. It annoys me that people can be so rude and disregard what you feel and want. I hate repeating myself about it and get easily irritated by it. Please respect me and my privacy that is all I ask because I am respectful to others. Just my thoughts!

Thank you for reading.

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Your Dream!

Your Dream!

Never say what you can not do. Never say your dreams can not come true.

Train yourself, train your mind to know and understand that you can do anything you set your mind to. Work hard and have faith. Take the necessary steps that are needed to fulfill your wants in life and pursue your dreams. Yes, sometimes it can be scary putting yourself out there and talking risk, but if you do not do that then you will never know what could have happened. You must believe in you, believe in the process because getting to your dreams may not be an easy road. Have people who loves you and who are there to help and support you and you do the same for them. Having support is important whether it is for personal or business its great to have a loving person around. Put the work in and work hard for what is yours. You are the one who holds the key to your success. I have in the past got in my own way and had to learn to trust and have believe in myself, build me up. I have also learned that stuff do not happened overnight you have to have patience. Motivated is another part of wanting your dream to be motivated every day and ready to make it happen, be dedicated. If you are not motivated to do this it will not work out. Practice your craft, over and over if need be feeling it, breath it, and claim it. Prove it to yourself first then the world. Live your life live your dream. You can do it. Always believe in your dream always believe in yourself. Thank you for reading.

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The way you make my eyes sparkle

My body blush,

always smilling

I like this feeling

the feeling of you,

around me Kissing me

I’m Yours

We Free


loving on me


Loving you, We have Passion

Great Chemistry

This is love, this is peace,

And I am Loving This! Can we keep this

We Love!!!! We Good We together=STRONG

Thank You for reading!

An old poem of mines….. 12/05/2020

Updated a little! 07/22/2021


You, Love….

If you love yourself, you love everybody else as you do yourself.

If you love another person less than you, you will not succeed in loving yourself.

If you love alike including you, you will love those as one.

That person is both god and man.

He is a great righteous person who loving himself, he loves all equally

Thank You!

***Just sitting and thinking***