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Be Kind to YOU!

Today I am in go mode. Still trying to figure it all out. Even with that, I am going to have a positive day. Working on accomplishing my goals. Take my deep breaths and keep it pushing.

So much work to do and I am determined. Focused on my dreams. Focused on better.

Just want to say to everyone who is having a down day to keep your head up and pray about it. Try to find ways to clear your mind, trust I know it can be hard, bad days happen from time to time, and it is life. Remember you got this. Focus on yourself and love yourself. Be kind and gentle with yourself.  Don’t let what others do or say mess with your mind, body, or spirit. And please be kind to others, you never know what a person is going through. Positive mindset, Positive thinking. Have Faith! Sending Love! 🖤💙🤎💛💚🧡🤍💜💓❤️

We Got This. Strong and Determined. Keep Going!

Let’s Lift one another up!

Let’s reach our goals. Let’s Dream Big

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading

Tonight… Get It Done!

Tonight yes, I am focused but feeling a little bit drained. Trying to get so much done tonight. I am editing and doing my book cover tonight. I will probably be up for a while. But that is okay I am chasing my dreams. I say get it done no matter what. Though this writing journey has been hard, wish I could be a full-time writer. Some days I work 10-12 hours and am a full-time mother, and still feel I need to be productive with my passion for writing. Basically, I am struggling to keep a balance. Ugh, well, you know I have to vent a little, lol. I have to say things have been going great for me besides trying to juggle everything. Well, homegirl needs to get back to it. Had to stop by and drop my feelings and thoughts. Just Write Be You!!! Remember SELF-LOVE 🖤💙💛💚💜🧡🤎

Blessings and Love!

Have a good one. Thanks for all the support!


Tonight I am focused and working on my writing, going good so far.

Just trying to keep at it and get these chapters done. Type them up and edit, then write again. Edit Edit Edit….Get it done, Homegirl!!!

Got music going and my pen, notebook, and computer ready. I am feeling great at the moment. Short post tonight. How is yall night going? Working on any projects this weekend? Any fun plans tonight?

My Vibes tonight


Thank you for reading.

T.O.L- Relax, Sleep

I don’t understand why sometimes I just cannot relax or get a good night’s sleep. I do this all the time, knowing I’m tired, but still want to get so much done. Then I complain and cuss myself in the mornings because I’m still tired and have no energy. Like tonight, I have been working on editing my book for the last two weeks, and tonight that is what I am doing, and I know I have to be up at 5 am for work. But my crazy self wants to continue editing for at least another two hours and post for my blog. So determined and wanting to get it all done fast that it’s cutting into my relaxation and sleep schedule. Why? I always question myself. LOL. I guess tonight; I will have to force myself to bed. Luckily, I work early morning and part-time hours tomorrow, so after work, I am back at it and work on some book covers.

Is anybody else like this? It is kind of weird. LOL. Well, just a little thinking out loud. Blabbing. Time for bed. Homegirl is really tired! Have a goodnight all.

Blessings and Love

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Monday Night! Write Night!

Tonight is a write and edit night. Been at it all day and am still on it, I am making progress and love it. That is tonight’s blog post. Writing, Music, and I. Such a good mood!

Hope all is good with you all and you got some goals completed today. Love yourself and those close to you. Have a good one.  That’s all I got for you tonight. Focused.

Blessings and Love.

Thank you for reading.

My Mood!

Calm, Happy Mood!!!


Today was okay, a little trouble but nothing I can’t handle. Work was okay and been home writing the last three hours. Pen flowing! Time for a break. So I will get dinner started and done for my kids and hopefully, I can jump back into writing. On the menu tonight is tacos I wanted something different but my kids wanted tacos so that is what I will be cooking while I got some good music playing I am somewhat in a good mood tonight and I am loving it. Me and my kids are chilling. Enjoying this night.

Then…Back to writing. More chapters to get done. Yes, tell myself to get it done! I am focused.

How was your day? What’s for dinner? Any fun plans tonight? Have a good one.


Thank you for reading.