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Proudly we look back on the past

A time that’s gone but still will last

Some things we wish we could rewind

The happy moments we left behind

Presently, we live in the now

Enjoying life and taking a bow

Surrounded by technology’s might

Time flies by both day and night.

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading

Speak Up!

In the fields of green, under the warm sun’s beam

I raise my voice, I let my words be seen

No longer silent, no longer small

I speak my truth, I stand up tall.

In this pastoral scene, I find my strength

My voice is heard, it goes to great lengths

The birds, the trees, the gentle breeze

All listen closely to my pleas.

I am no longer afraid to speak

To share my thoughts, to be unique

For in this peaceful, idyllic place

I am reminded of my own grace.

So let us all find our own voice

To speak up loud, to make a choice

For in this world, we all have a place

And our words can help us find our grace.

-Speak Up!-

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

Ms. Misunderstood

Alas, my words fall on deaf ears

My thoughts ignored, my hopes in tears

Misunderstood, overlooked, unseen

I stand alone, a forgotten dream.

I pour my heart out on the page

But still, they do not understand my rage.

My passion for life, my desire to be known

Lost in a sea of indifference, I am alone.

Oh, to be heard, to be seen, to be understood

But instead, I am left in solitude.

My voice echoes in an empty room

A silent plea for understanding, an ineffective doom.

So, I write on, despite the pain

Hoping one day, my words will not be in vain

Until then, I remain misunderstood

A poet lost in a world that does not see the good.

She is

Ms. Misunderstood!

Thankk you for reading.

A True love (A Poem) II

Tenderly embracing

Reaching out to one another

Unconditional love soaring

Enduring through all weather

Loyalty and trust abounding

Vows of never-ending grace

Oneness forever binding

Enduring the test of time and space

Matching hearts and souls together

A beautiful bond of two

Singularly unique, never alone

Till the very end, me and you

Our love


True Love!

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.

Yeah, In my head

Hello all

Sometimes having a listening ear to vent is everything. A friend who is always there

Well too bad I have neither. Well, my notebook lol

My fellow bloggers/readers yall know I am always in my feelings though it is a reason for it

Given the month it is and the month coming up. No doubt I will need the strength to make it through. Days coming up will be hard and a struggle and I am going to try my hardest to get through it. I just know emotions, memories, and everything will come back up. Missing mom and trying to keep it all together. And lonely. Feel like rainy days ahead

Tonight, I am wishing I had a friend just need someone right now I guess, and with me, that does not happen often. I usually tend to vent here and my notebook and my sister, but no one else face to face. Or I sometimes keep the worst inside and not speak a word about it.  Maybe I am a damn difficult person. Thankful for this blog and support. Just like to vent and let it out of course and wish it was more people in my life that genuinely care. Again just need a friend and a listening ear right now. Okay! Breathe… Can’t believe I am rambling on about not having friends. LOL Crazy!! Then again, it’s how I feel tonight. Have a good one.

How has the weekend been to you? Ready for the week ahead?

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.


Sometimes it is just easy to focus and worry and stress over things. Go into full anxiety mode. Sometimes it is easy to get distracted from the right you are doing. Get sucked into the bad and ugly and it happens fast. Sometimes we forget ourselves and what it is we are trying to do. Sometimes we get scared of life. Sometimes we let people come into our lives and take over. We let them dictate what we do how we move. Sometimes it happens when we are at our lowest and depressed. We do not care at the moment because sometimes we do not care about life at all. Sometimes it takes us a while to really understand what is going on in front of us and around us. Sometimes we make mistakes that cost us later in life. Sometimes we do not know where to turn, we do not know what to do. And. Sometimes we give up. Sometimes it is a struggle to get it all together. Sometimes we just need faith we need to know that everything will be okay. Sometimes we go through life numb because we feel we cannot fix anything. Sometimes we just need to breathe, be calm. Berceuse sometimes life happens and it’s not always going to be how you want it. At all. The process of life. Sometimes we just have to deal with it.



Thank you for reading.

*A Poem*

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