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In The Night!

In the night when all is still

I am up and my mind is awake

Racing with thoughts good and bad

In the night when its hard to sleep

In the night is when I write

Letting it all flow together

In the night, my heart is free, free to be me

In the night I see clear

In the night, my imagination is wild

In the night, my mind is wild

In the night I write freely, freely me

And it is Night! Time to write!

-In The Night-

Blessings and Love!

Thanks for reading.

#InTheNight #JustWrite

Passion Within Me!

Passion burns within my heart

A flame that cannot be tamed

It drives me to create my art

And leaves my soul forever changed.

With every beat, my passion grows

And fills me with a fierce desire

To chase my dreams and conquer foes

And reach for goals that are much higher.

My heart and soul are set ablaze

With fiery passion that never fades

And I will follow where it leads

To find the life my heart truly needs.

For passion is the driving force

That fuels our souls and sets us free

And I will follow without remorse

Wherever it may lead me

It is the passion within me!

-Passion Within Me!-

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

Music and Dance

Music and Dance, a wondrous pair

A story they can always share

A rhythm shared in every beat

A gentle sound that can’t be beat.

A twirl of the feet, a turn of the head

A vision of beauty, all are led

A lively tune, a graceful sway

A harmony of music and play.

A harmony of all the senses

The sight and sound of such intense

A ringing in the ears and soul

An uplifting feeling that takes control.

A sweet sensation, a lively show

A union of music and dance, we all know

A story that can never be told

A harmony of body and soul.

Music and Dance, wondrous perfect pair

-Music and Dance-

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading

Morning Love!

There once was a morning so fine

That started the day with a shine

It was bright and full of love

Focused and ready to rise above

Make the most of this happy day

Be sure to give it your all

Each and every way

Always sending love your way!

Good Morning my blog peeps!!!!

Have a great day!

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.

Alone! (A Poem)

Alone I sit in silent thought

With nothing to distract my mind

No laughter, chatter, or love sought

Just solitude, my only find

The stillness echoes in my ears

As I contemplate life’s great scheme

No judgment, pity, or sneers

Just me and my lonesome dream

The world outside may bustle on

But in this moment, I am free

No expectations to be done

Just the peace of being me

So let me revel in this space

And cherish every moment alone

For in this quiet, sacred place

I find the peace that makes me whole

Me, Myself, and I



Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

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Tonight’s Vibe….

Tonight, My Saturday

Hello all

So today was an okay day. I have the weekend to myself, some good ol me time before my kids head back to school. My kids went out of town for the weekend to meet family and have a fun weekend. I had to check my nerves because I was so nervous about them going out of town without me. Anxious and nervous and of course praying. I am going to use this time wisely and pray they are having fun.

So besides that, I have been writing and editing and it was going great for hours then BOOM my mind went blank and I couldn’t think, focus, or write. Just was staring at my notebook for some minutes waiting for something to come to mind. It’s crazy how I was writing and flowing and then can’t focus, can you say annoyed? Guess it is time for a break or be done for the night. Had some writing goals for this weekend and was hoping to get farther than what I did in my book today. Whew let me take a breather do not want to force anything nothing good comes out of that. Maybe I will read a book or find a good movie to watch do not know yet kind of overthinking it and pissed I just got stuck like that after writing for hours today. Try harder tomorrow. Happy writing all

How was your day? What to do for writer’s block? Does that happen to you often? Do you have any writing goals and are they challenging? Yes, many questions tonight from Ms. Overthinker.

Well, that is my Saturday. Have a good one. Love, Peace, Happiness, and Blessings

Thank you for reading.