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The Green Rose!

Green rose, a symbol of new beginnings

A hue that evokes nature’s fresh beginnings

This flower is a rare beauty, unique in its own way

A reminder of growth, hope and renewal each day

Its color represents balance and harmony

A connection with the earth and its energy

A message of abundance and prosperity

A promise of a future that’s bright and free

So let the green rose inspire you

To see the world through a new view

To embrace change and seek new paths

And to bloom like this rose, with grace and class

-The Green Rose-

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

Passion Within Me!

Passion burns within my heart

A flame that cannot be tamed

It drives me to create my art

And leaves my soul forever changed.

With every beat, my passion grows

And fills me with a fierce desire

To chase my dreams and conquer foes

And reach for goals that are much higher.

My heart and soul are set ablaze

With fiery passion that never fades

And I will follow where it leads

To find the life my heart truly needs.

For passion is the driving force

That fuels our souls and sets us free

And I will follow without remorse

Wherever it may lead me

It is the passion within me!

-Passion Within Me!-

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

Being A Writer!

As a writer, I toil away

Crafting words to make them sway

A book I write, a story told

Through hard work, my tale unfolds.

Pages filled with heart and soul

Every sentence, a precious goal

For hours I sit and write

Till my story takes flight.

As a writer, I pour my heart

Into every single part

My pen a tool, my ink a guide

My passion, an endless tide.

Writing a book may be a task

But the reward is worth the ask

For in my words, my heart is shown

And in my story, my soul is known.

-Being A Writer!-

Blessings and Love! 🖤🤎💙💛💗💚🧡🤍❤💜

Thank you for reading.

Be Inspired

A dream that takes flight, soaring to new heights

Love, a force that moves us to create

A free verse poem, a canvas, a plate.

In the stillness of the night

The muse speaks in whispers

A melody, a rhythm, a light

Guiding us to be seekers.

Dreams, the language of the soul

A bridge to the beyond

A vision, a goal

A journey that we’re fond.

Love, the heartbeat of life

A symphony of emotions

A refuge in strife

A bond that never lessens.

Inspiration, dreams, and love

A trinity that fuels our fire

A gift from above

A reason to aspire.

A reason to be inspired

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

My Best Friend’s!

When I try to speak those words

Me, my mind, my soul, and my body

Freezes up

Scared feelings and thoughts

Have to grab my pen and notebook

Write it out!

When I want to look in the

Mirror and face myself

There is a pause, frightened

What is there?

Scared to move, speak out

Have to grab my pen and notebook

Write it out!

Sometimes only way to

Get my feelings out

My best friend’s

Pen and Notebook

Who I’m never afraid

To speak to

My best friend’s

Knows the real me

Updated on a daily

Write it out!

Tonight, giving a shoutout

To the two who have been there for me the most

My best friend’s

Pen and Notebook

I shall

Write on!

-My Best Friends!-

Blessings and love!

Thank you for reading.

We Come Alive!

Soft whispers in my ear

Your breath like a gentle breeze

My eyes close as I draw near

Feeling your touch put me at ease.

Your scent intoxicates

Filling my lungs with desire

I crave to taste what awaits

My heart ablaze like a fire.

With each sound you create

My ears are filled with bliss

I am helpless to your fate

Lost in your passionate kiss

All five senses come alive

As we drown in love’s embrace

Together we’ll forever thrive

In this sensual, enchanted space.

My King and I

We Come Alive!

Thank you for reading.