I’m Trying(Writing Help)

I’m Trying (Writing helps) Sometimes I irritate myself and do not like being negative. With so much going on I have been feeling all types of ways and I sometimes feel like it is too much to handle. Me writing my poems, short stories, and my inner thoughts I get some frustration out while writing.Continue reading “I’m Trying(Writing Help)”

Little Girl Lost

Lost Little Girl Little lost girl Fighting to find her way Lost with no direction Sad eyes, heart hurting, mind racing Wounds open, flesh Lost little girl Thrown to the wolves, the sharks, the bad The ugly, clowns, death Raging to get free Surrounded by the unknown, Dark Lost little girl Scared, shocked, afraid Alone,Continue reading “Little Girl Lost”

My Passion!!

My Passion!! Happy Sunday Working on my craft all the time, practice makes perfect. Writing is my passion and pushing myself daily to write and finish a book, also writing poems, and my thoughts. I have a couple books going but going to slow it down a bit to get one finished. I have beenContinue reading “My Passion!!”