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Dream Chaser

Stepping into the world

With a purpose, with goals

Ms. Dream Chaser

Reaching high for those stars

Wanting more, become the best me

Ms. Dream Chaser

I will not give up

Dedication through my veins

Passion and creativeness I rain

Ms. Dream Chaser

Get what I set my eyes on

At my grasp, I can do it

Focused and never settle

Ms. Dream Chaser

Chasing my dreams forever.


Thank you for reading.


Awaken in this


Too much going on

Not sure as to what I am seeing

Pinching, slapping myself

Is this a


Maybe reality

In this jungle

I feel free

Moving around, being me


Is this life

I ask myself

Talking and chilling with

The animals

Friends or foes

I do not know

This jungle

Feel right, Safe

Yet scary

Am I a human?

Maybe a lion

Again, is this a

 Dream, a reality

The jungle

Wild and free

 No surprise

The jungle

Is just like



Me and my new peps

No cares in

This jungle          

I am wild and

Doing me

I get along with

This Jungle!!!

-Blessings and Love-

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Passion inside my heart for my art

The art of writing

Passion inside my soul for my dream

Dreaming and reaching high

Passion and dedication to what I love

Those around me and what I put my heart and soul into

Passion inside to keep me going

Never giving up

Striving for the best

Passion in me

Passion in my mind

Goals to complete

Strong individual

With passion burning

Deep within…

Passion my state of mind

Breathe and want it

Passion in me

Love and hard work

Passion in me

Deep within

Keep having


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Perfect ME

Perfect Me

I have to be the best

I have to remain strong, on my feet, always

I have to be perfect

I will meet all goals

I will be an achiever

I will put my all in everything I do

I will be perfect

I can be at the top

I can be what others want, I can be what I want

I can be undefeated

I can be perfect

I do perfectly

I am perfect

Perfect in this unperfect world

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading

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Friday Quotes

Determination is the wake-up call to the human will


Wake up and work at it!!

Beauty will surround you, open your eyes to see it

I love these quotes. Not my words but words I live by.

Have determination and work hard at what you want or need. Have strength and faith

Have a good one

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.