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Rage III

Rage in my heart, beats like thunder

A tempest raging deep within

My thoughts, a wild and fearsome wonder

A storm that’s set to never end

My anger rises like a fire

A burning flame that knows no end

My soul consumed by its desire

To lash out, to break and bend

Ripping apart my peace

Anger boiling deep within

Grinding teeth and shaking fists

Explosive fury taking over

Blood boiling

Over and over

Damn this rage inside of me…

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.


A Spark!

A spark I feel through my mind and soul. A spark that craves my attention. Spark lit that gives life. A spark I feel through my hands that guides me to write. A spark to share my stories. A spark I feel to be creative. A great spark to get the ideas flowing and before I know it, I am writing away, in a zone. A spark to make it come alive, a spark to the pen and paper. a spark that speaks volumes inside of me, to inspire.  The spark lit under me to keep me going this spark that helps with my passion for writing. A spark lit under me that says I am a writer! Spark!

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.


I Surrender!

I give myself to you

All of me

I surrender

Yours to love, to cherish

Mind, body

I surrender

Your life, your love, your heart

What I want!

 I surrender

Our bond, our time, the beauty



I surrender

Pains and sorrow

Sadness and grief

All the bad

I surrender it all to you!

My love you have

-I Surrender-

Blessings and Love!!

Thank you for reading.

#Love #Surrender #Just write



F- Following my own lead, following my visions, my dreams, feeling powerful, facing myself

L- Learning and growing, letting go of the past, listening to my voice more often, loving myself

O- Observe everything around me, open my mind and my heart, and open to new and better ideas

W- Willing to do what it takes to achieve my dream, I have wisdom, wishful, working on a better life for my kids and myself, work hard, a woman that is worthy.

That is me. I go with the flow of things and wish for the best. Learning as I go!

Just go with the FLOW!!

Hope you enjoy this.

Thank you for reading.

Perfect ME

Perfect Me

I have to be the best

I have to remain strong, on my feet, always

I have to be perfect

I will meet all goals

I will be an achiever

I will put my all in everything I do

I will be perfect

I can be at the top

I can be what others want, I can be what I want

I can be undefeated

I can be perfect

I do perfectly

I am perfect

Perfect in this unperfect world

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading

#JustWrite #PerfectMe

I Smile II

I Smile II

I smile to keep from crying

Even when too, much is going on around me

I smile to hide my true self from people

I smile it is better than a wet and sad face

I smile pretending, do not want anyone to know

I smile to try to get through the day

I smile while wanting to get away

And with all that and more

I smile!

Thank you for reading.

Not really a smile, Kisses!