Reason!! Sometimes hearing a voiceSeeing a face, their smilesAnd boom your reason to liveReason to keep going never give upReason to fight so hardThe dedicationThe strength in your eyesThe love in your heartSleepless nightLove all aroundThat voice, that face and smileA calmA happinessYour lifePricelessThe love never endsFamily Love Reason! Thank you for reading.

My Peace…. Sunrise!

My Peace…. Sunrise! Sitting and watching the sunrise Weather with myself or someone I love Enjoying the nice weather Enjoying this time, this beauty, this view I am at peace, feeling that way Watching something amazing Positive thoughts, I am Still and quiet Holding my own hands, no words spoken Feeling peaceful A great moment…Smiling,Continue reading “My Peace…. Sunrise!”


Cold Cold like the wind Heart chilled, cool, cold Shut off from me, you, the world Standing still, stiff body, damn cold Pitch black, where am I, nothing around Iciness, trembling body, I’m cold What is going on? Damn, freezing Am I coming or going? Maybe So……. Damn I am cold Thank You For Reading!!Continue reading “COLD”

Little Girl Lost

Lost Little Girl Little lost girl Fighting to find her way Lost with no direction Sad eyes, heart hurting, mind racing Wounds open, flesh Lost little girl Thrown to the wolves, the sharks, the bad The ugly, clowns, death Raging to get free Surrounded by the unknown, Dark Lost little girl Scared, shocked, afraid Alone,Continue reading “Little Girl Lost”