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I know you’re supposed to forgive people and move on with life. Yeah, that is hard to do, well for me it is. Why? Because all I think about is how a person did me wrong or harmed me, and then I do not know why they did it. I am left feeling lost and confused. I have a hard time forgetting the past and forgiving those in my past, I mean all of it all the bad and that is probably my biggest problem I feel like I still live in the past and that is not cool. I try to forget about it, but pain and anger will not let me, I do not know why I am still this way, I try to not think about stuff. This is something I am working on I need to let it all go and really move on with my life. Try not to seek revenge and be happy with my life. Try to forgive those who have brought harm my way.

I heard that by forgiving a person you help yourself. You can release the emotions it can bring by holding on to it and it helps with built-up anger. You are not doing any good by holding on to the hurt. I pray that I can forgive people because this feeling of holding on or wanting to hurt back is not good. I am learning day by day how to forgive. Have you felt like you could not forgive someone? Was it hard to forgive? What do you think?

Blessings and Love!

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Want to let it all go

Forget the past, forget the humiliation

Forget the hurt, forget it all

Forget the people who played a part in my hurt

Forget those who knew but did not help, looked away

Forget those who said they care, but really do not

Forget the feelings I had, forget my tears

Forget get being a child, forget all of my childhood


Forget having too much weight on my shoulders

Forget getting over shit alone and afraid

Damn yall

I just want to forget

Forget it all…

Thank you for reading.