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Sorrow, Oh Sorrow

Sorrow, oh sorrow

A weight heavy to bear

A feeling that lingers

In the depths of despair.

Silent tears fall

Like rain on a roof

A heart heavy and full

Of pain that’s aloof.

The strum of a guitar

Echoes through the room

A mournful song

To the sorrowful tune.

But even in sadness

A glimmer of hope

As time heals all wounds

And helps us to cope.

Sorrow, oh sorrow

May you soon be gone

And in your place

A new dawn will dawn.

-Sorrow, Oh Sorrow-

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

The Past

Hello to you

The past

Memories good and bad

Along with those tough decisions

The past

Many hopes and dreams

Many setbacks lost dreams

Loveless, trustless from loves that didn’t last

The past

Down and out, that lost feeling

Not feeling yourself, have mixed emotions

Brighter days to come

Faith steps in and it’s time for healing

The past

Unleash all that’s in my bag

Unleash all the bad


They say pain doesn’t last forever

The past makes me think otherwise

The past

Must let go, no longer holding baggage

Started with a hello

Now its ends with

Goodbye to you

The past.

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.

Little Girl Lost

Hello All,

I wrote this a couple years ago. It is one of my favorites!!! Wanted to share again. hope you like and enjoy it.

Lost Little Girl

Little lost girl

Fighting to find her way

Lost with no direction

Sad eyes, heart hurting, mind racing

Wounds open, flesh

Lost little girl

Thrown to the wolves, the sharks, the bad

The ugly, clowns, death

Raging to get free

Surrounded by the unknown, Dark

Lost little girl

Scared, shocked, afraid

Alone, cold, wondering

Mad, darkness, raged, shaking

Lost in a world, no clue

She is lost, no soul, no nothing

Lost little girl

Can she be found???

Thank You For Reading.

****A Poem!!****

No Way Out

Lost in a maze with no escape in sight,

Down and out, trapped in endless night

Madness creeping, clawing at my mind

No hope to find, no way to unwind.

Futile searching for a glimmer of light

But darkness reigns, an eternal blight

No path to follow, no guide to lead

Alone in my despair, consumed by need.

Trapped in a prison of my own device

No key to freedom, no chance to rise

Suffocating in a world of doubt

Seeing no way out, I scream and shout

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.