Cold Cold like the wind Heart chilled, cool, cold Shut off from me, you, the world Standing still, stiff body, damn cold Pitch black, where am I, nothing around Iciness, trembling body, I’m cold What is going on? Damn, freezing Am I coming or going? Maybe So……. Damn I am cold Thank You For Reading!!Continue reading “COLD”

Little Girl Lost

Lost Little Girl Little lost girl Fighting to find her way Lost with no direction Sad eyes, heart hurting, mind racing Wounds open, flesh Lost little girl Thrown to the wolves, the sharks, the bad The ugly, clowns, death Raging to get free Surrounded by the unknown, Dark Lost little girl Scared, shocked, afraid Alone,Continue reading “Little Girl Lost”

Move On…

When it’s time to move on, that’s just the thing to do. Do not try to force things. Sometimes it’s better to move on and focus on yourself. Everything happens for a reason and you can’t stay stuck wondering why. It can hurt if you have to let a person go but always put yourselfContinue reading “Move On…”

DMX Fans Pray That He & Aaliyah Reunite In Heaven As They Remember Their Video Together — Hollywood Life

R.I.P DMX. I am really sad about this, Praying for his family DMX’s fans are remembering his close friendship with the late singer/actress Aaliyah and paying tribute to the two talents lost too soon DMX Fans Pray That He & Aaliyah Reunite In Heaven As They Remember Their Video Together — Hollywood Life

Trust Issues…

Trust, this word and it’s meaning. I hate that sometimes it is hard for me to trust people and situations. I tend to question everyone and everything around me. I do not open up easy to people because I automatically don’t trust them. Is this a bad thing? I really look at people and beContinue reading “Trust Issues…”

My Lonely Why

My lonely Why Lonely days with nothing but these thoughts, bad ones, negative ones oh man. Sitting in the dark trying to block out everything wondering why. That is what is mostly on my mind all the time, all the bad that has gone on again I ask why? Why me? Lonely nights sitting inContinue reading “My Lonely Why”

My Heart Guarded

Heart Guarded… Sometimes I hate that I am so guarded, and I keep everything in. emotions are bottled up and I do not show that side of me. I do not fully put my feelings out there because I have feelings of being wronged and hurt. I do not like to love and be vulnerable,Continue reading “My Heart Guarded”

My Relationship, the END

*Repost* My relationship, the END I walked away, I said I am done, I can not do this no more. I was in a relationship off and on for eight years, and there were only two years it was good, and I was happy in the relationship. I feel like I wasted my time, wastedContinue reading “My Relationship, the END”