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Sorrow, Oh Sorrow

Sorrow, oh sorrow

A weight heavy to bear

A feeling that lingers

In the depths of despair.

Silent tears fall

Like rain on a roof

A heart heavy and full

Of pain that’s aloof.

The strum of a guitar

Echoes through the room

A mournful song

To the sorrowful tune.

But even in sadness

A glimmer of hope

As time heals all wounds

And helps us to cope.

Sorrow, oh sorrow

May you soon be gone

And in your place

A new dawn will dawn.

-Sorrow, Oh Sorrow-

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

Author Here!

Ink flows from my pen, a river of words

A world of stories, waiting to be heard

With each page, a new tale is told

A universe of characters, brave and bold

I weave my words into a tapestry of life

Creating magic, banishing strife

As an author, I hold the power to inspire

To move hearts, to ignite a fire

Writing is my passion, my joy, my art

A journey of the mind, a reflection of the heart

So, I’ll keep writing, with each word I write

Sharing my stories, day and night.

I am here. Author in sight!

-Author Here-

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

Happiness Inside!

Smiling inside and out

Can’t hide

Happiness from inside

Feeling like somebody

Do flips inside my body

Right here, right now happy

Things falling in place

Happiness from inside

Making me blush

From my own self

Feeling accomplished

Loved and proud

Happiness from deep


Where it starts

Loving myself

Like never before

Happiness inside

No one can steal this

Keeping my head up

No matter what

This happiness inside

So bright



Happiness inside

I fought hard to make it here

Happiness inside

I’ll never hide

Feeling this way

With big smiles

Inside and out

Everyone can see

I love it, all around this

Happiness inside!

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

The Green Rose!

Green rose, a symbol of new beginnings

A hue that evokes nature’s fresh beginnings

This flower is a rare beauty, unique in its own way

A reminder of growth, hope and renewal each day

Its color represents balance and harmony

A connection with the earth and its energy

A message of abundance and prosperity

A promise of a future that’s bright and free

So let the green rose inspire you

To see the world through a new view

To embrace change and seek new paths

And to bloom like this rose, with grace and class

-The Green Rose-

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

In The Night!

In the night when all is still

I am up and my mind is awake

Racing with thoughts good and bad

In the night when its hard to sleep

In the night is when I write

Letting it all flow together

In the night, my heart is free, free to be me

In the night I see clear

In the night, my imagination is wild

In the night, my mind is wild

In the night I write freely, freely me

And it is Night! Time to write!

-In The Night-

Blessings and Love!

Thanks for reading.

#InTheNight #JustWrite



There will be bad days, there will be good days there will be days where its up and down. I know it will be a process and I will not feel better overnight. This process, this storm I am in will not last long. Strong winds, heavy rain, hail, lighting, and thundering will not keep me down.

Storm is strong raging on, and I am thankful I am not at the moment. storms continue, I will continue to be strong. Stronger than the winds, stronger than my battles. I will survive this storm it is the only way.

I will be calm; I will not rage with the storm. Yes, I am better than that. One day at a time I tell myself I got this. And I do strength and guidance and with God.

This storm again will not me down. Strong Black Woman. I Got This!

I survive storms!

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.