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Sunday Night!!

My mind wants you

My body craves you

Need you near me

Send me in overdrive

And love my body right

Baby you can have all of me, I want all of you

Baby I need you this Sunday night.

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At Ease!

When he came along

At a time of chaos, and fear

Me in a lost and depressed state

He came along and

Puts me

At ease

Just hearing his voice

The sincereness in him

The kindness in his words

Letting me know that all will be okay

He puts me at ease

Understanding me and being patient with me

Thinking is it real?

Does he really exist

Am I tripping? Maybe. Maybe not

Constantly on my mind

The good and bad

But damn, like dammmnn

The thought of him

Has my mind at ease


A friendship like no other

Turns into something much better

A bond

A vibe

True feelings, the lust and the love

Its everything about him

Puts me at ease

No easy love here

Willing to grow, we build

Looking to see what the future brings with us

Guard coming down

With that being said

At this moment

I am at ease

Blessings and Love

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A Night With You!!

A Night with You!

All I want is a night with you

Just you and I, music, our bodies

A night with you our wild side

Meeting our hands all over each other

A night with you all I want

Let us dance in each other arms

No care in the world. Just us you and I

A night with you

Hot and steamy I want you bad, Need YOU!

Passion filled, lustful, exotic

A night with you, one I don’t want to end

All I want is a night with you my King!

Hope you enjoy!

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The way I see him

I am


Wrapped in his

Vortex, this


I am


Needing and wanting


Of him, his

Lusty eyes

Locking in on me


The way he sees

Me, beauty

He is captivated

Wanting nothing more

Than to be

Wrapped together

In love

In forever

Energy between us


Again wanting


Needing him

On all levels

Cannot stop

This whirlwind

You ask why?

Because, bond, lust, love

I am


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Love or Lust?

Crazy: Love, Lust

Hello everyone,

Y’all know that feeling. The feeling of being in love or you think you are. Your in the stage of feeling all the emotions like all of them. You don’t like them, or their ways, everything irritate you. You question everything wondering if you made the right decision or is it LUST. Is it real or are they using you or, you using them what is it? You love them, you hate them sometimes need space from each other. I call it the test phase where both parties like to test each other and push buttons and get reactions.

Smh but that’s what happens when you really not sure if it’s love or lust or if it’s the person you really want. Sometimes it can be just sex that keep two people together, there is no real love between them. Some might think so but NO. Why do we put ourselves in situations like this? If it is real love it will not hurt you, make you feel low and sad, or have you second guessing yourself. I’m just saying this love thang can be Crazy. Seriously 😂

Am I the only to think so? I get there will be ups and downs in relationships but, if it is constant and you feel stuck or it’s too much to deal with, or feel like you both can not get on better terms LEAVE. I feel a person should not settle or put up with BS just to not be or feel alone. What do you guys think? Do you choose love or lust?

Blessings All
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Words cannot describe this feeling

Heart rising from the lust

Heart rising our bodies joined

Words cannot describe this feeling

Sparks flying all through my body

Sparks flaming bodies on fire

With love, lust, and desire

Heating up more, I need it

Words cannot describe this feeling

We cannot stop, hands all over each other

This fire we cannot put out

Not yet

Damn this feeling

My heart, my body

All feel amazing, set a blaze

Words cannot describe this feeling

Damn I cannot speak…

He got me speechless

Thank you for reading