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Put the words I want to say in a jar

Bottled up and send a far


Don’t speak on it


Write a letter and burry it

Deep, maybe no one will see

Don’t think about it


Keep it all in, lock it away

Not a peep


Drug and drink

Numb it from my mind


Walk around quiet!

Used to it

But sometimes, this silence


Of the unsaid

I hear it, all of it loud and clear

But again, still there is


Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.


I talk, I hype myself in the mirror


To do better than yesterday


I talk, I hype myself in the mirror

A warrior, strong, even with

Facing difficult days


I talk, I hype myself in the mirror

To do what is necessary, tasks for the day

What is best for me


No slacking

No excuses

Success on the way!


I talk, I hype myself in the mirror

Repeat this ten-letter word!

Over and over

Motivation I have

To keep me going

Wanting more

I’m dedicated


I talk, I hype myself in the mirror

Homegirl going to knock down doors

I am here, standing tall, giving, willing

Ready and motivated.


Blessings and Love.

Thank you for reading.


C- Confident

O- Optimistic

F- Focused

F- Fierce

E- Energetic

E- Effective

Mornings I wake

With Coffee, even better

Inhale the smell

Take in the moment

Coffee, indeed

Bring me calm

Take a sip


Then I start my day

Coffee, I need

Sometimes all it takes.

Where my coffee lovers???

Good Morning! Have a good one!

Blessings and Love! 🖤🤎💙💛💟💚🧡🤍❤

Thank you for reading.




I- Impactful


E- Enable

Voice my opinion when it is needed and sometimes when it’s not LOL

Voice my feelings standing strong

When you want to be heard

You have to use

Your voice

Never be scared

To voice what you want

And voice what you

Feel is right.

Don’t be silent

For anyone

Your voice matters


We have one for a reason.

Blessings All!

Thank you for reading.

No More Tears

Learning to be okay

With my past

I often tell myself

No more tears

Learning to let go

Of the tight hold

The past has over me

Again, I say

No more tears

Want it all to be forgotten

Blocked out my mind

Struggling to move on

No more tears

For those who caused pain

No more tears

For my benefit

Let it go Ray

Do not let it define you

No more tears

Tired of being tied down

No more I say

I have to gain control

No more tears

Be myself, be free

No more questioning why

All cried out I am

Stay strong

Stand tall, rise above my past

Be proud, wear my scars

I say to myself, no, nope, done

No More Tears.

Blessing and Love.

Thank you for reading.