Somethings I know about myself that I feel is not a good thing would be overthinking, non-trusting, and being in my head too much. I feel sometimes these things hold me back and seem to not have it all together. Oh, and self-doubting I tend to second guess myself all the time in anything that I do. It annoys me sometimes that is why I want to change it. I must figure out all the craziness inside my mind and try my best to move forward, make better changes. Be more relaxed, stress free. Try to do something without over thinking it or have self-doubt. Self-doubting is one of the reasons my book is not done yet, again craziness it has been 2 years. Yeah, I definitely need to get it together. No, I don’t know how I can overcome these things, but I will do some research and try.

Just thinking of the things that I feel is holding me back and thinking of ways to change that about myself. Want to be able to put good work out there and feel happy with the decisions I have made. Try something new surrounding my daily life. I don’t know. Anybody else having problems with self-doubt? Are you an overthinker? Are you too much in your head? Is anything holding you back? Thinking and more thinking!

Thank you for reading.


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