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Dream Chaser

Stepping into the world

With a purpose, with goals

Ms. Dream Chaser

Reaching high for those stars

Wanting more, become the best me

Ms. Dream Chaser

I will not give up

Dedication through my veins

Passion and creativeness I rain

Ms. Dream Chaser

Get what I set my eyes on

At my grasp, I can do it

Focused and never settle

Ms. Dream Chaser

Chasing my dreams forever.


Thank you for reading.

Just Write

I am having a chill night. Still need to do more editing but will do that another day. Tonight, just getting ideas and thoughts out on paper and of course writing to keep my mind of stuff and today it is working so I am good with that. Trying to complete at least 3 more chapters maybe 4(Hopefully) before bed tonight even though I am tired I will push through and meet that goal.

I have writing goals that I try to make and complete every weekend. So much good content tonight that I have a big smile on my face I love this feeling seriously. Of course, got my music playing in a vibey mood. This is my Saturday night!!!! Well back to it then. Hope your night is going great. 🖤🖤💙💙

How is your weekend going? Any writing? What do you like to write about? Any exciting plans?

Love, Peace, Happiness, and Blessings All💚

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Who I Am!

Who I Am!

I know who I am and what I want in life


I will no longer accept anything less than what I deserve

I know how I love and what I can offer


I will not give in and be someone I am not

I will not be treated like trash

I know who I am and what I want

Standing tall and facing all

I will be a better me


I will be better than my past, the old, me

Grown woman here, who goes for what she wants

I know who I am and what I want

Its me its who I am!

Thank you for reading

More From Ray’Elaine!!


Awaken in this


Too much going on

Not sure as to what I am seeing

Pinching, slapping myself

Is this a


Maybe reality

In this jungle

I feel free

Moving around, being me


Is this life

I ask myself

Talking and chilling with

The animals

Friends or foes

I do not know

This jungle

Feel right, Safe

Yet scary

Am I a human?

Maybe a lion

Again, is this a

 Dream, a reality

The jungle

Wild and free

 No surprise

The jungle

Is just like



Me and my new peps

No cares in

This jungle          

I am wild and

Doing me

I get along with

This Jungle!!!

-Blessings and Love-

Thank you for reading.

More From Ray’Elaine!!!

T.O.L- 2P’s

Patient, Positive

Learning day by day to think and to be more positive and patient. I used to think that if I had an idea and start working on it that things will happen fast or what some will say happen overnight. I have to take my time with things to make sure it is done right. No rushing it, but my patience is not good. Lol, I get so anxious and then get angry. Instead of understanding that some things take time and patience is a virtue.

Glad that I grew up and now fully understand how patience and understanding can go a long way. Same with being positive at times I used to think the worse instead of having faith the situations will work out. To make it in life you have to grow and learn as you age.

Taking the necessary steps to learn new things and at the same time learning more about myself I say is making progress. So proud of myself I have come a long way. Though still an overthinker I am working on that next. One step at a time. One day at a time. You can overcome your past and certain situations. Think positive, have faith, have patience.

I am just thinking aloud. Thinking about how I used to be compared to now. I love the results and am happy to share even though I am kind of rambling lol. Progress, and still learning and growing. Love to all who support.

Love, Peace, Happiness, and Blessings

Thank you for reading.

Feeling of Life

Feeling of life

The feeling of being drained, too tired to focus, you just want peace

The feeling of sadness, always in a bad mood, nothing helps, you want happiness

The feeling of hopelessness, nowhere to turn, no one to call, you want something or someone

The feeling of guilt, its your fault, you blame yourself, you want innocence

The feeling of being lost, out in this world with no clue, with no purpose, you want help

Life turns around

The feeling of no more, you can do this

The feeling of being peaceful, happy, hopeful, no more guilt, your found

The feeling of power taking your life back and having control it is

The feeling of life.

Thank you for reading.

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