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Sometimes being alone

In the darkness

No light

Me and my thoughts

Sometimes thinking

Sinister thoughts


Keeps me up


What is next


All I see

Lashing out

At anybody

I see

The darkness

It pulls me in

There is no


I don’t care

Darkness is me

I is darkness

With the feelings

Of loving it here

This darkness

It takes over

I can no longer see


Down under


In this


I’m along for the ride

Inside this


I still can

Not hide.


All around

There is Darkness

Thank you for reading.

Time for Change

As my world begin to shift

Changes being made

I do not stir the pot, be calm

Keep myself busy

Do not buckle under the pressure

I do not and will not bend to others will


Keep my head up, don’t kick my own self when down

Be calm

Stay in my own lane

Going through the motions

As my world begin to shift

I welcome the change

I know it is time for

New beginning’s

-Time For Change-

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.


In reverie I find my escape

A world where reality takes a break

Daydreams become my sanctuary

A place where my mind can roam freely

With eyes closed and thoughts adrift

I leave behind this earthly rift

In my mind, anything is possible

A world without limits, truly remarkable

Oh, daydreaming, how sweet the sound

Of freedom and peace that I have found

For just a moment, I’m free from strife

Lost in my thoughts, living a better life

I DayDream!


Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.

A Friendship!

Ah, an old friendships and memories, a reminder of days gone by

When we shared our secrets and laughter, it seemed like time would never fly

We may have drifted apart, but our bond still remains strong

A reminder of what used to be

When our friendship was young

Though we may not be together, our friendship still has the same spark

The memories we shared will never fade, even in the dark

Old friends are like old wine, getting better with time

And our friendship will never die, it will remain sublime

Our friendship is an ocean, that will never run dry

It will remain with us forever, even when we say goodbye

So, let’s cherish the moments we shared

And the memories we made

For never again will be the same

This friendship will never fade.

-A Friendship!!-

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.


In my mind, a constant battle waged

A war between reason and impulse, uncaged

I knew what was right, what I should do

Yet self-sabotage always seemed to ensue.

Hurting those I loved, leaving them in tears

My actions driven by my deepest fears

I couldn’t seem to break free of this curse

My inner demons, my own worst enemy, perverse.

I pushed away those who wanted to help

My stubbornness, my pride, my greatest yelp

But deep down inside, I knew the truth

That I was the cause of my own abuse.

It took time and effort to turn things around

To break free of the chains that had me bound

Apologies were made, amends were sought

And slowly but surely, my life was re-wrought.

It’s not easy to face the harm we’ve caused

To admit our faults, to remove the gauze

But in doing so, we can find redemption

And learn to love ourselves without exception.

But damn sometimes it’s the

Self sabotage

That gets us!

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.

Free, Silly

Be silly, be goofy, let your worries fly away

Life’s too short to be serious every single day.

Embrace the freedom of being yourself, no need to conform

Let your inner child out to play, let your spirit be reborn.

Laugh, dance, sing, and enjoy every little thing

Life’s too precious to waste on trivial worrying

So go ahead, be silly, be goofy, let your true colors shine

In a world that’s often dull, let your light be the bright sunshine.

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.