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In my mind, a constant battle waged

A war between reason and impulse, uncaged

I knew what was right, what I should do

Yet self-sabotage always seemed to ensue.

Hurting those I loved, leaving them in tears

My actions driven by my deepest fears

I couldn’t seem to break free of this curse

My inner demons, my own worst enemy, perverse.

I pushed away those who wanted to help

My stubbornness, my pride, my greatest yelp

But deep down inside, I knew the truth

That I was the cause of my own abuse.

It took time and effort to turn things around

To break free of the chains that had me bound

Apologies were made, amends were sought

And slowly but surely, my life was re-wrought.

It’s not easy to face the harm we’ve caused

To admit our faults, to remove the gauze

But in doing so, we can find redemption

And learn to love ourselves without exception.

But damn sometimes it’s the

Self sabotage

That gets us!

Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.

A little me time!

I am off work today so; I’m going to treat myself. A date with self. I haven’t treated myself in a while and wanted to get out the house. I decided to go to the movies to see John Wick 4. I love action movies and know I will love it like the other 3.

Maybe also treat myself to a nice lunch. I’m in a mood so getting out well definitely help.

It’s important to get your me time in. Especially if you feel your life is a little hectic. It’s an all about me day!

Hope your day is great! Have a good one.

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.



Moving around

In my own world

Shadow behind

Want to lose it

But oh it is


My shadow

Right beside me

Everywhere I go

My shadow is near

There maybe to

Keep me sane

Keep me myself

My shadow

Pops up

No matter what




What little oh

Me is up to

But the shadow

My shadow


We are bothe no tolerance




Oh shadow

Thanks for being



Reminding me

Of whom

I am



I cannot


Follows me


My shadow

Near to keep

Me clear

My shadow

One I can

Never fear

Or maybe!

My shadow

Is really nowhere near

In my mind

My shadow

Is a stranger

Or is it?

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

***A Poem!***