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C- Confident

O- Optimistic

F- Focused

F- Fierce

E- Energetic

E- Effective

Mornings I wake

With Coffee, even better

Inhale the smell

Take in the moment

Coffee, indeed

Bring me calm

Take a sip


Then I start my day

Coffee, I need

Sometimes all it takes.

Where my coffee lovers???

Good Morning! Have a good one!

Blessings and Love! 🖤🤎💙💛💟💚🧡🤍❤

Thank you for reading.

Happy Sunday! GM

On Sunday morning, the world is hushed

As snowflakes fall, so soft and plush

The quiet stillness, a soothing balm

As morning light, brings a gentle calm.

The world is blanketed, in pristine white

A wonderland, a breathtaking sight

The snowflakes dance, in the morning air

A joyful dance, without a care.

The world is new, with each snowfall

Renewed and fresh, and standing tall

And on this Sunday, with snow in sight

I am filled with wonder, and pure delight.

Good day here in sight

Good Morning!


Blessings and Love

Thank you for reading.

Tuesday Morning!

Good morning,

I will take on this day with a smile on my face. Do not sweat the small stuff I say, brush it off and keep going. If anything come along, deep breath and pray.

Positive thinking today. Keeping busy. Work and more. Making today a productive one, with a smile, a good mindset. I got this. It will be a good day!

Hope the same for you all! Hope you accomplish your to-do-lists, goals. If you are working today have a good workday. Have a good one everyone!

 Sending love your way this Tuesday morning.

Blessings and Love!

Thank you for reading.

Family and Love!!


Family love is like no other. Sometimes being around them you feel safe and secure, and you know that they are safe. Love and bond at times are real strong. Keep your loved ones close and let them know how much you love and care about them on a daily basis.

Family is important and special, and of course there when you need them and vice versa. It is always good to have someone to call on no matter what. And spending time and having fun. Nothing like being around family and you all are having a good time.

It is all about your family

Family Love!

Love and Blessings!

Thank You.

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C- Confident, Creative, Cool, Curvaceous

H- Honest, Have Heart, Helping, Hard-working

I- Important, Impassioned, Imaginative, Irreplaceable

L- Leader, Likable, Lender, Light

L- Lovable, Lush, Laid back, Level-headed

Chill that I am, even under pressure yes, I vent about it all the while being me and being so chill. I have to be this way no matter what.

Be you!

Be chill!

Thank you for reading.